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Climax: Golden jubilee of the Noble Order of the Ladies of Marshall

The climax celebration of the golden jubilee of the Noble Order of the Ladies of Marshall has opened in Kumasi with a travellers mass to welcome all who are attending.

The Assistant Supreme Chaplain, Rev. Fr. James Buor Mensah celebrated the mass at the conference hall of the Christian village in Santasi, Kumasi.

More than 600 members are in attendance. During a homily he drew attention to a world full of greed and selfishness and called on Christians especially members of the Ladies of Marshall to eschew such, as its all vanity.

In reference to the day’s reading, Rev Fr. Buor Mensah said there is nothing in this generation that has not existed before and called on all to live in truth and love.

Sisters attending the four days 50th Anniversary celebration include Past Grand Ladies, Regional Noble Ladies and Standing Committee members of the Grand court as well as Noble Ladies from almost all the 149 courts across Ghana and beyond.

The Ladies are gathered to celebrate themselves and to thank God for what he has done for the society in the past 50 years


Source: Respected Lady Sis Clare Banoeng-Yakubo

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