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From a Nurse to a Medical Doctor. Dr. Marie-Anne Deku

” Life’s journey is a winding road, and sometimes it takes unexpected turns. Dreams, no matter how long they take, are always worth pursuing.”

While others took 6 years to become Medical Doctors, It took me 16 years (10 years in training and practice as a nurse, and 6 years in Medical school) to reach this feat.

In high school, I had a burning passion to become a lawyer and dedicated myself to that cause. Unfortunately, after high school, life threw me a curveball – I lost my beloved mom to a stroke. In the face of adversity, I made a courageous choice to pivot towards nursing, driven by an innate desire to care for others in their moments of vulnerability and pain; a path that felt right at the time. Little did I know, this decision would lead me on a winding journey to ultimately become a medical doctor.

Having practised as a nurse for seven (7) years, I embraced the challenges and rewards of that noble profession, learning invaluable lessons about compassion, resilience, and the sheer strength of the human spirit. Yet, within that experience lay an unquenchable thirst for deeper understanding, for the ability to not only alleviate suffering but to diagnose, treat, and cure. It was through those experiences that I found my calling to become a doctor. To leave behind the familiar and embrace the unknown in pursuit of becoming a physician.

This decision was not easy. Leaving behind the comfort of a stable career and stepping into the daunting world of medical school in a foreign land presented its own set of challenges; But I made the audacious decision to start all over again, embarking on this challenging yet incredibly rewarding journey.

There were moments of self-doubt, nights filled with exhaustion, and days when the weight of it all seemed insurmountable. The challenges were immense but here I am, having achieved a long-awaited dream.

Graduating not only as a medical doctor but also as an outstanding graduate and a Valedictorian of the class. My journey is a testament to the fact that dreams do not come true without perseverance, without pushing through the darkness to find the light.

Today, I proudly stand as a healthcare professional; a journey that took me through years of hard work, determination, and resilience; grateful for every twist and turn that brought me here.

My message to you is this: Don’t be disheartened if your path to your dreams is a longer and more intricate one than you envisioned. Embrace every detour, every challenge and every setback as an opportunity for growth.
To those who have taken the scenic route to their dreams, your resilience is your superpower. You have shown that no matter how unpredictable life may be, your determination can reshape your destiny.
And to those who believe it’s too late to chase their dreams, I say this: Dreams have no expiration date. Your journey is uniquely yours, and time is your ally. Embrace every moment and step forward with confidence.

I share this not to boast, but to remind you that it’s okay if your journey doesn’t look like a straight line to your dreams. Sometimes, life’s detours lead to the most incredible destinations.
So, my friends, let’s inspire each other to keep dreaming big, working hard, and believing in ourselves. Together, we’ll navigate the twists and turns of life’s journey and reach the stars.

By: Dr. Marie-Anne Deku.

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