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Covid-19: Catholic Priest Ventures into Mushroom production to aid immune system

The weak immune system has been noted as a fairground for the novel coronavirus to triumph over affected patients.

In an attempt to help people gain a strong immune system and be safeguarded against COVID-19, Reverend Father Bright Kennedy Agyapong, Parish Priest of the St. Peters Catholic Church in Koforidua in the Eastern region of Ghana has chosen to cultivate mushroom and make it available to the General public.

Rev. Fr. Bright Kennedy says his decision to venture into mushroom production was to support people boost their immune during this COVID-19 era.

Fr. Bright Kennedy while recommending the regular use of the mushroom to the general public also noted, it comes with several health benefits as it contains vitamin B and D aside its function as immune system booster.

“The fibre contents of mushroom is so high that it is good for consumption. It also fights against cancer in the system. It is an immune booster, anti-inflammatory, and as well as lowers cholesterol. It is also good for pregnant women and therefore helps prevent cardiac diseases”, Fr. Bright Kennedy Explained.

With the right condition and atmosphere, Rev Fr. Kennedy says it takes only two Ghana cedis to purchase 20 pieces of the 4kg and 5kg sacks of mushroom seedlings from the farm or from the manufacturer and it can be ready for consumption or for market within a week.

“After one week of nursing, it can be harvested and each particular sacks of seeding can last for three months. In a day, you can also harvest about 20 bags.”

The mushroom production which has become a part-time venture for Fr. Bright Kennedy Agyapong aside his full-time ministry is currently available for individual buyers who may want to buy directly for consumption or for sale.

Although restrictions on the movement of people have affected the level of purchase despite advertisement carried on WhatsApp group pages and Facebook during the lockdown, Fr. Bright Kennedy disclosed that ease on restrictions especially on churches has contributed to higher demand for the mushroom among his church members.

“People in Somanya are aware now so they walk in to buy from the mission house. And on Sundays especially Parishioners come and buy and today [Sunday] for instance, we run out of stock. After first mass, it was finished and those who came for the second mass were positively angry that the mushroom is finished”.

He stated that his next line of reach in terms of marketing and distribution of the mushroom is to reach out to clinics in the vicinity to recommend its daily use.

He urges citizens, COVID 19 isolation centers, and hospitals to add mushrooms to their daily prescriptions and diets.

Fr. Bright Kennedy also encouraged the youth especially graduates who may also want to venture into mushroom production to do so without delay.

He noted mushroom production is lucrative and as such graduate or anyone interested can start the venture with a start-up capital of one thousand cedis and expand afterward.


Source: Mensah Richard Adonu//Radio Angelus

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