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Covid 19: Catholic Archdiocese Cancels the 2020 Servers Weekday Celebration.

Catholic Archdiocese of Accra Knights and Ladies of the Altar (CAAKNOLTA) Executive board has cancelled this year’s servers weekday celebration due to Covid-19 pandemic.

In a circular dated July, 30, 2020, CAAKNOLTA Excutive board directed all Parishes, Rectorates and outstations of the

Catholic Archdiocese in Accra to halt any proposed plan to launch and celebrate the 2020 Servers Week/Day .

“It is sad to announce to you the cancellation of our biggest programme for the year which is the

Servers Week/Day celebration which was supposed to be launched this Sunday 2nd August.”

The cancellation according to the release “has become necessary due to the present pandemic which has taken over the world and has totally changed our way of living”.

Members were also encouraged to observe “all protocol measures and directions from authorities as they continue to

keep safe and pray for the end of this calamity”.

 “We wish to have this wonderful celebration of our noble ministry next year by the grace of God”.

Servers’ Day Celebration is a perennial activity of the Mass Servers in Ghana.


Mensah Richard Adonu//Radio Angelus

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