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Christus Vivit : A message that must be heard constantly

In chapter four under the heading “A great message for all the young people”, the Holy Father presents what he calls the essential i.e. the truth; the one thing we should never keep quiet about. This message contains three truths. Pope Francis indicated that all of us must keep hearing this: A God who is love, Christ who saves and Christ who is alive. The Holy Spirit keeps making us know this.

God Loves

The Pontiff refering to the word of God again,looked at instances that God showed his love like an affectionate father (Hos 11:4); as one filled with love of a mother (Is. 49:15); as one who inscribed his people on the palms (Is 49: 6) to mention but few. The holy Father underscores that God’s memory is not like a hard disk that saves and archives all our data rather it is one that is filled with tender compassion and finds joy in ‘deleting’ from us a every trace of evil (CV115).

Christ Saves

The second great truth is that Christ out of love, sacrificed himself completely in order to save us. (CV118). The Pontiff, under this truth categorically stated that when the young ones go to confess their sins, they should believe in the mercy of Christ which frees them from their guilt (CV 123).

Christ is Alive

The third truth is that Christ is alive. Clearly, this is where the title of this whole document is spotted with in depth explanation. This truth obviously is tied to the second. The holy Father explains how Christ is alive using Paul’s letters and the Gospels. “I am with you always to the end of the age” (Mt 28:20) the young ones are called to hold on to Christ for in him they find sure security and sure solutions to their problems and challenges.  Since where the Father and the Son are, the Holy Spirit is there too, the Pontiff, upholds the Trinitarian truth by concluding with the Holy Spirit who quietly opens our heart to these truths (CV130)

Paths of Youth

The Pontiff, looks at the Paths of the Youth in the fifth chapter. He establishes first that youth, more than a source of pride, is a gift of God: “To be young is a grace, a blessing” (CV 134). The youth stage is marked by dreams and decisions. “The young are called at this stage to move forward without cutting themselves off from their roots, to build autonomy but not solitude” (CV137). Pope Francis indicates that for him he sees the young person as someone who is searching for his own path, who wants to fly on his two feet, who faces the world and looks at the horizon with eyes full of the future, full of hope as well as illusions. “He is foolish enough to delude himself, and resilient enough to recover from that delusion” (CV 139).

The Holy Father, as typical of him, exhibited some humor by describing the young ones who give up at this stage as those who worship the ‘goddess of lament’(CV141).


In brief but powerful statements of ‘Don’ts’ the Pontiff charged the young ones to make the most of these years of youth. Don’t observe life from a balcony; don’t confuse happiness with an armchair or live your life behind a screen; don’t be the sorry sight of an abandoned vehicle. He indicated also that the young people also thirst for life and experience.  He tells the youth to enjoy the present and not simply prepare for the future.

Be Friends With Christ/ Online With Christ

Pope Francis says, no matter how the young experience life they must be friends with Christ and others. The Pontiff stressed on the friendship with Jesus though at times it appears that he keeps silent. (CV154). The young are to see Christianity as a person who loves and asks for love. Christianity is Christ (CV 156). Many young people are concerned about their bodies and want to look good in appearance. Yet others develop their talents and knowledge. But seeking the Lord, keeping his word, entrusting our life to him and growing in the virtues is worthwhile. Pope Francis, using the language of the young people terms this “remain online” with Jesus. (158). He entreats the young to be serious to grow spiritually. He also entreats all to let their heart ever be young and the fire of their youth constantly rekindled.


Source: Fr. Alphonse Buloro

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