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Book launch: “Mary in the life of today’s youth” to be unveiled December 8

May-Gloria Tedam, a parishioner of Mary Mother of God Catholic Church, Community 25, Tema is set to unveil her first book targeted at the youth titled “Mary in the life of today’s youth” during mass at the church premises.

This book offers some reflections on the Life of Mary as it relates to the events and issues that young people face.

The author, drawing from her experience with the Youth Apostolate realized that young people need good example, encouragement and support but most importantly, they seek inspiration and Mary can be that source of inspiration for young Catholic youth.

The author observes that “the youth today are in a moral and social crisis. They have their own definition of truth on matters of sexual identity, concept of self and discovery of purpose. Young people today have unequal opportunities to participate in social life leading to unemployment or underemployment.”

May-Gloria Tedam adds that “disruptive technologies bring opportunities for technological advancement but have also become a tool for distracting young people from searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. The truth and answers they seek are in one person : Jesus. One person stands as a model who will take us to Jesus:Mary. Mary is a mother who will help young people find their way to Jesus.”

The writer is a former Secretary and Financial Secretary for Tema Battor Deanery Youth Council and a former Accra Archdiocesan Youth Council Secretary.

Source: Radioangelus.om

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