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Be Good Shepherds to grandparents and the elderly – Archbishop Palmer-Buckle entreats Catholic leaders

The Metropolitan Archbishop of cape coast and the Vice President of the Catholic Bishop Conference Most Rev. Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle has urged the leadership of the Catholic Church to be co-responsible for the celebration of the grandparents’ and elderly day.

This he stated at the launch of the day for grandparents and elderly held at the National Catholic Secretariat in Accra.

The day will be celebrated on Sunday, July 25 2021 for all grandparents and the elderly in society.

According to the Bishop, this message by the Pope is a call to the leaders of the church to be good shepherds and spread this message of love to humanity.

“We are called shepherds…when we talk about shepherds the tendency is to think of the Bishop, the Priests but I think shepherding means leadership and leadership everybody is a shepherd and I would like you in the leadership and our lay associations to feel that when Jesus says I am the good shepherd l, He is a role model for all of us”

He added that the leadership of the Catholic Church is to be appreciative of this call by the Holy Father and spread it to the lay faithful.

On January 31, 2021, Pope Francis announced a new celebration in honor of all grandparents and the elderly, who are important to our communities and our church.

This new world day will be celebrated annually on every fourth Sunday in July.


Source: Karen Quaye // Radio Angelus

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