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Apocalyptic happenings: Archbishop Palmer-Buckle debunks claims of Christ coming amidst coronavirus uproar

Most Rev Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, Metropolitan Archbishop of Cape Coast, in an interview on Monday April 13 has stated that,  the second coming of Jesus Christ as anticipated will not happen as there is a scriptural backing that indicates his everlasting presence with mankind.

The Prelate in a response to  rumours about the recent unpleasant happenings in the world and the possibility of the coronavirus pandemic denoting the coming of the “666” and other apocalyptic happenings,  amidst the coronavirus pandemic emphatically stated that “Christ before He left told the people that, I am with you till the end of time. He is not coming, He is here, He is in our midst already”.

Laying emphasis on the happenings that has given rise to recent apocalyptic claims, Archbishop Palmer-Buckle  made reference to the biblical story of Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4:35-41  and referenced the instance where Jesus asked his disciples why they doubted his presence amidst the tension and reckoned that “with Jesus in our boat, we have no reason to fear”.
“Whether it is apocalyptic or whatever it is, I am not worried”,the Prelate added.

On his part, Archbishop Buckle also called for an end to the exploitation by power wielding individuals who are taking undue advantage of the poor amidst the coronavirus uproar.
He called for a renewed spirit to enlighten all,  love,  forgiveness, goodness, honesty, responsibility and morality adding that “should we die now, we know that we are with the Father with Christ in the boat, we shall never sink”.

He also charged Catholics and the entire Christian community to ensure a fair mix of spirituality by dedicating themselves to prayer, and adhere to the stated health protocols to avoid contracting COVID-19.


Source: Radio Angelus

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