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Andy Manomey writes: My Advice Before Your Wedding

I posted this on my facebook page exactly four (4) years ago and believe it is still relevant to would-be couples, especially in December when a lot of weddings are celebrated. Enjoy it

I would like to wish all my friends who will be getting married in the next few weeks, all the very best and God’s blessings. I don’t know why December has a lot of weddings…..lol. I know how it feels like around this time. My simple advice to you is to relax.

When confused and plans are not going as expected, just pray. God will provide. Please take note of the following:

1. Make sure you have a retreat with your partner before the day.

2. Go for confession. It is important to make your lifelong commitment with a “clean heart”.

3. Prepare the Wedding Mass (readings and songs) yourself. If you can rehearse with the choir before the day, do so. The point is that, the wedding mass or the church service is the most important celebration on your wedding day, therefore, it’s better to prepare adequately.

4. Pray that the Glory of God and the Holy Spirit will be present during the service.

5. Don’t worry about whether your guests get food or drinks during the reception. This is what you and your partner are willing to share with them. Don’t worry about the comments by people. You didn’t marry them…..lol.

6. Finally, chat with your partner on your wedding day. Talk more during the reception. Don’t behave as if it was an arranged marriage or you guys are strangers. Don’t mind anybody. Enjoy your partner. It takes the stress away.

There are some truths about life after the wedding day, which I cannot put “on air.” Don’t worry, you will be fine. Marriage is beautiful. God Himself instituted it. He is with you. Just pray my friend.

By Andy Manomey, Radio Angelus (andrew.manomey@yahoo.com)

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