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Alfred Dadson


This article seeks to emphasize on the fact that PRAYER CAN DO ALL THINGS BUT NOT ALL CAN BE DONE BY PRAYER. Dear friends, there are so many songs that underscore the fact that prayer is the key and indeed the master’s key.

This is to say that life cannot be as planned by God or we desired it to be if prayer is not the center of the set of our life. Prayer opens and closes doors of life. Because prayer can do all things, Paul in his exhortation said pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17-19). Also, Jesus in the Gospel of  Luke 18 also encouraged us to pray always.

Since prayer can do all things, my dear friends, let’s pray with all our hearts,minds and bodies just as the law of the Lord requires us to do; love God with all your hearts and minds and bodies ( Mark 12:30-31).

The one who prays with the mind alone is a rationalist and this is not the best way to pray. It’s the same way as the one who prays with the body, the person is considered as an empiricist.

According to philosophers, the best way to come by knowledge is not through only rationalism or empiricism but both. And this will lead us to Kantian philosophy and that will include the heart. We are encouraged to pray with our hearts, minds and bodies because the one who prays well loves well.

Since the beginning of creation all those who prayed well had their prayers answered; an instance can be found in the life of Abraham and Sarah (Gen18:1-15), Moses and his conversations with God and the story of Hannah. Even Adam and Eve prayed (Genesis 1 and 2).

The problem is not that God does not listen to our prayer nor can not do what we request, the issue is just because sometimes we ask at wrong time or the thing in question are not needful or may not do us any good. We make prayer to God soo humanly, that is, with mind and body. So James will say this way of praying is the reason why God doesn’t answer our prayers (James 4:3). Because of this weakness Paul will admonish us that the spirit of truth will come and teach us how to pray(Rom. 8:26).

Friends, prayer is said in the spirit and not in the human knowledge. If we get to know this, then we will come to accept the fact that prayer can do all things. Let’s pray and keep on praying until our bones are rotten and God will never despised us .

Prayer indeed can do all things because we serve the God who makes the impossible possible and He is always and ever ready to answer our prayers. There are a lot of biblical quotation to that effect, a reference can be made to Isaiah Isaiah 59 66:1-2, 62 and many others.

Friends what I want to say is that God always pours out the grace to assist us however grace works on nature. If you ask for grace and your nature is not willing what effect will the grace have on your nature.
The parable of the master searching for labours makes it clear that those who were available at a particular point had the opportunity to work.
My question is how available are you in your search for job,marriage,sucess or property?

Friends we have a part to play. There is a particular principle that states that God blesses effort and that has been working for so many people and can work for you too.

So what is it that we are praying for, we have a part to play. Is it about blessings? then Psalm 1:1 is one best alternative or happiness in life then Matthew 5 shows us the way to happiness. These indeed are true. There are people who practiced them and had benefits from these practices. Do you want to eat? Then Paul encourages us to work (2 Thess. 2:10-13).

Before God had asked Solomon, “what do you want” Solomon had performed sacrifice (1kings3:3). Before something good had come from Nazareth, Mary and Joseph had made themselves available (John 1:45-51).Peter was finally saved because he stretched his hands on the sea when he called unto the Lord to save him. He didn’t just call and have his hands folded behind his back. This is a true definition of heaven helps the one who helps him or herself.

These assertions are not underlying the fact that all depends on us no! and I do not want us to believe that suffering is out of Christianity. No! In the letter of Hebrew 12:5-7,11-13 the writer makes it clear that discipline and suffering are part of Christianity because every father will love to correct his child. In the cause of corrections, discipline and suffering are experienced. That is why James will tell us to consider it a joy when suffering comes our way (James 1:2).

Having talked about suffering or misfortunes it may be necessary to consider three causes of suffering. suffering may come from -God, ourselves or others.
God always does that for the glory of his name ( the healing of the blind man-(John 9) , Our actions also sometimes causes that;
the story of Judas, (Matt 27:1-10) and others too can do that (Acts 23:12,1kings 21:1-16).

Our way of life can bring success and that is why prayer can be defined as LIFE. If how we live our lives can bring success because our lives style is synonymous to prayer, then we are not far from the truth to say prayer is life

In conclusion, D Don in his book 99 success secrets of Jesus attempts to teach readers how to make miracles in their lives. This implies it’s not by praying alone that miracle can happen but even how we live our lives.

Source: Alfred Dadson

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