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A Call to Be A True Follower Of Christ

Reverend Father Campbell, SVD in his homily delivered last Sunday during the visit of the President of the Republic of Ghana admonished the church to be a genuine follower of Christ both in words and deeds. He stated that the true reflection of the nature of Christ is in the demonstration of Love and kindness to one another.

He explained further according to the gospel readings of the day that Jesus Christ had time for others, he made time for the thousands of people who followed him; He was kind to the hungry and everyone who needed him at every point of the way.

Father admonished that in order to truly evangelize to people there is the need to emulate Christ in his kind nature.

Fr Campbell followed up with a story of a young university student who received a good amount from her father as a gift and decided to turn in the amount to help the less privileged, hence donated the money to the lepers. This he said was a clear indication of Christ’s love and kindness.

Fr Campbell added that even in these difficult times we should strive to be kind and caring to one another as well-being supportive in the most minimal way possible such as visiting the sick, giving people gifts like flower, food and other goodies according to our capacity. He added that simple gifts like sharing our time with others will go a long way to demonstrate love and compassion.


Source: Radio Angelus

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